Annual camp is one of the most important events on the outdoor education calendar, for the  Casually Active and Democratic Expeditionary Trust Society, it represents the culmination of almost an entire years work either in the classroom or on the parade ground learning about the fundamental principles of the unit as well as outdoor education as a whole.



In the past, I've found Annual Camp to be the time where my recreational hiking group has come together the closest, and this year's camp was no different. Being an assistant group leader in recreational hiking group designated "A1", our camp was one of the most challenging on the roster, with the group having to endure a gruelling 30km canoe on the first day, with 3 days of trekking through the Colo Valley to follow. Starting on what is generally seen as the most challenging part of the camp was a great challenge, especially for the casual hikers who were experiencing this camp for the first time. Despite this, the group took advantage of the tough conditions and gradually came together over the course of the camp, stumbling together whilst taking on some of the most difficult challenges they would have faced in their life. I found the camp experience to be very rewarding, and one that I look forward to again next year.