For me personally, the rowing season started late. With my involvement in athletics, I have only properly joined the rowing program just prior to the official season launch on the 19th of October. In the time I was away, the rowers had started their season with a preliminary selection and had begun adjusting themselves once again to rowing life. As I have joined I too have begun adjusting myself to the life of rowing, starting almost immediately with a stay over at the boatshed. This year we have a new director of rowing, Mr K Schmidt and he has brought around many changed to the program as well as some much-needed optimism and focus. At the start of the season, I was trialled in the 2nd VIII before trying out in the 1st VIII. There are continuous selections for both coxens and rowers which I believe is a good starting point for the season. 



My first row of the season just prior to athletics was a fairly successful one, being in the 2nd VIII being coached by the director himself gave me the opportunity to experience one of the higher classes of rowing the squad has to offer, and I felt it as a great starting point for the season. Once I got back into rowing after athletics I had a run in the 1st VIII which was a first for me. I found my experience to be much more enjoyable than expected; the crew was supporting and the coach experienced, and along with racing alongside the current 2nd VIII, an enjoyable experience. Overall my time in both of these crews has given me a much-needed leg up on the start of the season.