With the end of the holiday training period it was time to begin our second set of races for the season, culminating in the AAGPS Head of the River scheduled for the 21st of March. Our crew has seen some much needed reshuffling, with a new member being introduced bringing the spirits of the boys up. There are only about 8 weeks until Head of the River, and the crew is training hard for the big day.


Reflection - Riverview Gold Cup

The second biggest regatta of the season, the Riverview Gold Cup is held on the stretch of river just by the Riverview school grounds. It was our first race together with the new crew, having been re-seated since our dissapoining State Championships results. Our heat in the schoolboy 1st IV divison 2 saw us place second, securing our spot in the div. 1 final. The div. 1 final was raced between Shore and Riverview, the two favourites for the season along with us and Saint Augustines. Our race was hard fought in tough conditions and we saw a narrow third place, with Riverview coming second and Shore first. We found our result to be very pleasing, as for the last month or so we had been coming at the bottom of the field, now the crew was back where it deserved to be, in the top 3 spots running for first. Spirits were high.

Reflection - Kings/PLC/RNSW Regatta

The Kings/PLC/RNSW regatta is the last chance for the schoolboy crew to race before Head of the River. At just 2 weeks before the date it is a very antipicated regatta for all crews. Due to our placings for the last month we were again placed in the Div. 2 heat for our first race, with our second race including all crews. We were dissapointed at were weren't seeded in division 1 along with Shore and Riverview, and so strived to win the div. 2 race. We managed to come out on top in the heat, placing a well earned first. The second race saw us against Riverview and Shore once again. We raced our best and placed third behind Riverview and then Shore once again, with a 14 second slower time than the front runner. Our coach and the crew were pleased with the performace, as it was once again, where we deserved to be, and it was a good baseline in the lead up to HOTR.

Reflection - Head of the River Week

Due to the worsening pandemic, we were informed on the Monday of Head of the River week that the race had been recheduled from the coming Saturday to Tuesday morning, giving us less than 24 hours to prepare. My crew had a short Monday morning row as it was a pupil free day and tried to mentally prepare ourselves for the race the next day. We managed to adapt well to the situation, staying calm and ready for anything.

Reflection - Head of the River

We reached SIRC with high hopes, feeling good. After a short training row we took time to clear our minds before our race. The whole crew was hopeful for a win, to break the 38 year drought in our event. Our training row felt good and the wind conditons, while bad, were of minimal effect to us due to our lane being closer to the bank. As the race started we found ourselves in an OK positon, around 4th, however as it progressed we found it increasingly harder to pull the other crews back. In the end we finished in a 5th place. The entire crew was extremely sad in the days following the race. All the other crews seemed to face a simiar fate, with everyone serverely underperforming. While my crew, and the rest of the senior squad was incredibly sad at our result, as eventually found ourselves once again bonding together, making light of the good times that had come during the 6 months that we had lived together. I now look forward to watching, and perhaps coaching the boys of next years senior squad, and I look forward to continue loving the sport in the years to come.