Gelato Tasting and making

Min, the founder of N2 gelato, and his close work friend kirri, came to Newington today to show the science of its gelato.
N2 Gelato was a project started in 2012 and has been a big hit ever since.  The goal of N2 Gelato is to make a delicious and magical journey for the customer, which they are . The reason that N2 Extreme Gelato is so special is how they present and create the Gelato, They use Liquid Nitrogen to freeze and shape it, making cool effects like the gas that floats off while you are eating, enhancing the experience for all involved.
N2 taught the boys the science of the gelato and the different types. After the N2 team explained to the boys exactly what it is they do, the year 9 students were able to get a taste of the Gelato. They tried cookies and cream, mango, and caramel. And overwhelming response  was that the boilers enjoyed it.