Since the beginning of term 1, I have been volunteering at Wyvern, teaching and helping the students with STEM. In an effort to encourage STEM studies throughout high school because at the moment, students often drop sciences for humanities.

For two weeks in term one, we helped the students create a candy dispenser. The senior students helped in cutting cardboard and helping them use glue guns. We helped them design and build their projects. At the end of it all, we tested the vending machines and they all worked. The students had a great experience and really enjoyed the whole process. This part of the experience was really important for the students because they were able to gain an insight into engineering and design.

Furthermore, I also mentored a student on their young scientist's project. This was extremely helpful for them because teachers are not allowed to participate and help the students but they can have a mentor. I helped him write a risk assessment, structure a science report and design the project. This service experience was extremely beneficial for both the students and myself.