Currently, I am participating in the chess group and participating in the biweekly chess competition. I also train on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. During these lunchtimes, I play other people and try to learn new skills to improve my game. During the competitions, a ladder is formed and people of the same ability play each other. This way, I can improve by playing and beating people that have the same ability as I do. This activity is really fun and helps me improve my chess strategy and mental ability.

Term 4 check-in

Today is the 31st of October and tonight the chess dinner is on. At this dinner, we will chat about chess with the senior chess team (of which I am a part). Since my last check-in, I have gone to a Saturday chess competition, played multiple times at lunchtime and continue to play in the Friday afternoon Blitz competition. I have been enjoying chess and plan to continue playing. I have also been learning new moves and skills and continually improving my skills.