Over the course of the holidays while skiing I sustained a knee injury. As a result of this injury, I visited a Physiotherapist and he came to the conclusion that I had frayed my Platella Tendom. In the process of rehabilitation, this was my temporary Activity experience.

Update and Reflection


In light of this news, he gave me exercises in order to strengthen my Platella Tendom and keep up my fitness without further injuring my knee. He recommended that I do some upper body exercise like push-ups and chin-ups (provided my knee did not hurt getting down from the bar) to keep healthy, the exercises he gave me are as follows:


The special physio exercise really seems to work, especially the stretch on my quadriceps, though jumping down from the chin-up hurts my knee, so in the future, I will not do chin-ups instead to keep up my fitness I will do more push-ups.


Over the course of the summer season, I managed to heal my knee, and my overall fitness was not diminished greatly, despite still being affected slightly, though I expected this.