For my Service component of my CAS, I was paired up with Laiken Robinson-Cooper a year 7 boy, who is a part of the Indigenous bursary program. Laiken primarily brings work he is struggling with or he doesn't understand, and although a lot of the work is not from subjects that I currently study, I have studied all of the subjects, and often a lot of the work he has done, I have done the same thing. I work with Laiken every Tuesdays from 5:15 to 6:15 pm, revising and going through all of his subjects though mostly English and Maths. Before most sessions, Laiken tells me what he would to cover, or his mentor communicates to me or I reach out to him about what subjects he needs to work on. I have a general outline of what we would like to cover, which helps me stay on task. Finally, I have made contact with his mentor Mr Battaglia, and his head of house Mr Muir to try and find out the best way I can fulfill my role in being not the main teacher, but just a supporting tutor and mate. 



Laiken and started working together at the commencement of Term 2, the process started slowly as we tried to organise a time that was suitable for both of us. I was lucky as Laiken and I already knew each other. He has come with work, such as assignments and commonly homework. When he has come with assignments I have been going through the process of how to complete assignments, such as the steps it takes in planning, research, looking at criteria and finally completing the assignment. I have done this as I hope it will help him to develop good habits. I have also tried to adapt my teaching method and I have found with Laiken he works hard if he will get a reward, whether it be a lolly, a chocolate or a merit. Though sometimes he doesn't and this is my main difficulty, it is making sure that Laiken is motivated to do his work and come to our sessions. Every so often this does not work out so I also look to support from Mr Battaglia and Mr Muir as his mentor and Head of House.

There have been mutual benefits, I have learnt how to effectively organise a session and reach out to others for support. As well as developing my teaching skills. I believe that Laiken is slowly reinforcing his knowledge and becoming more confident with his work. I have also made a friend in Laiken and always look forward to seeing him around school.


Throughout term 3 work continued steadily. It was difficult to find suitable times which worked for both of us, especially during my own exam period. Through constant communication and contact with him taught me to effectively manage and organise my time and we found time to catch up on missed sessions. I continue to alter the method in which I tutor Laiken in order to have the most positive outcome for his academic results.

Looking to term 4 I will have to work on study techniques for him, as well as helping him in adapting the way he approaches exam questions and exam revision. I plan to also help in some of his active revision by testing him on some of the work.


This year I will continue to tutor Laiken, though from last year there are a few techniques that I will adapt. This includes Laiken knowing the expectations of him when he attends tutoring. I have received the help from teachers, which have explained these expectations. We hope that this will improve his approach and mindset for tutoring. I have communicated with his teachers to see which work we should focus on this year, as last year we would change his work each week depending on his homework. The last point which I wish to improve this year is a consistent day. Last year depending on other commitments we would change which day we would meet from week to week. This resulted in him not attending sometimes or there were miscommunications. I hope that this will increase productivity as a certain afternoon of the week will be reserved for tutoring.