Learning Outcomes

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As a part of my winter sport at Newington, I play Rugby for the 16A's. We train three times a week with at least one recommended gym session. In terms of the position I play, I normally play as a fullback or one of the wings. Coming from the 15's age group has been a major difference, the standard of rugby is much higher, and being the 16A rugby team, much more is expected of you, in terms of your dedication, effort, and behavior. The season consists of 11 games, 6 preseason games, and 5 GPS rounds.

Personally, I aim to push myself overall. To work on my strength as it is less developed than some of my other skills of the game. As well as consistently attend required training.



We have just finished the preseason playing against 6 teams:

  • Trinity - Win
  • Knox Grammar - Loss (12-5)
  • The Scots College - Loss (20-5)
  • St Augustines - Win 
  • Kinross Wolaroi - Win
  • Barker College - Win (7-5)

It was a successful preseason with our two losses being close games, we have developed as a team and look forward to the GPS season


After four GPS season games, on Saturday after halftime, I injured my ankle quite badly and I had to go off for the rest of the game. Our results were:

  • St Josephs College - Loss (12-19)
  • The Kings School - Win (33-0)
  • Sydney Church of England Grammar School (SHORE) - Win (21-7)
  • The Scots College - Win (19-12)

Currently, I am not sure of the extent of my ankle injury though I know that I will be out of sport for 4-6 Weeks


The season was quite enjoyable where I consistently attended training sessions. The constant commitment along with some decisions made by the referee each week improved my resilience and determination as a rugby player. I believed I achieved my own personal goal of improving my strength by attending regular strength and conditioning training.