In the last 6 months, the new Boeing 737 Max 8 has crashed in India (Lion Air), and Africa (Ethiopian Air). This was due to a few differant factors. Airbus had released there A320neo and that was selling really well so to compete with that they released the Boeing 737 Max 8. It had different winglets, fuel efficient and quieter engines. There was also a feature on it called the MCAS. It was supposed to prevent the plane from stalling by lowering the nose. When airlines bought the planes, their pilots were only required to take a 2 hour iPad course on it and that was it. So when Lion Air and Ethiopian Air were taking off, they had faulty sensors and the plane was trying to lower the nose when it was taking off. And after about 5 minutes of battling the MCAS, and reading manuals to turn it off, when they figured it out, they were already in a dive.