Today, I had the privilege of working with a couple of my friends in raising money for the Salvation Army. We got to school and were given a designated block of houses that we would have to knock at. We then drove (with the help of a parent) to where our block was located and began knocking at the doors of those living there asking if they would like to donate. It took us a few hours to cover our designated area and when we were done we drove back to school, counted up the money we were able to raise and handed it over to the people from the Salvation Army.

From this experience, I learned a lot about what the Salvation Army is all about and was more than happy to assist them in raising money in order to help those that are in need. I gained a lot from the morning, such as talking to the people that answered the door and developing communication skills. It also brought to my attention that this was a very good thing to do for the Salvation Army and I am very proud of my groups' efforts in raising as much money as we could.