Today we visited our second country of the tour the Vatican City. We were lucky enough to not experience any turbulence on our way to this remarkable location, so no members of the group threw up. Once we arrived at the city we saw a big wall, one that Donald Trump would have been very proud of. Unfortunately we walked up and down the street five times in order to work out where our tour guide was and where the line started. However, once that was finished and we waited in a line for over half an hour, Chris Mina impressed us all with his ability to take photos of a brick wall. It was truly amazing to witness this greatness, however some fellow female tourists weren’t quite as impressed. Once we entered and passed customs we started our tours. We spent an unmeasurable amount of time expanding our minds by listing to our amazing tour guide Francesco and looking at amazing sculptures and statutes. From here we entered the Sistine Chapel were we spent 20 minutes taking illegal photos with Dennis doing the snapping while we all shielded him from the security guards. The highlight, however, was watching the French girls taking ‘sneaky’ photos with their flash on. We then entered the world famous Saint Peters Basilica where we saw some amazing things which we will remember forever. We Then headed for the bus where, while waiting for the bus to take us down to Sorento, a young boy wearing Gucci shorts played the accordion.


After we finished in Rome, we travelled by bus to Monte Cassino, where we were allowed to explore the wonders of the monastery on our own accord. The experience was truly amazing and we had the opportunity to look at many artefacts, for example the tombs of St Benedict and St Scholastica.

After Monte Cassino, we got back on the bus to continue our journey to Sorrento. Once we arrived at Sorrento, we dropped our bags off at our rooms and ate dinner in the restaurant downstairs. After dinner, we went up to our rooms to chill out and relax.


Christopher Mina and Lachlan Sheehy