Today was an eventful and exciting day for the all the boys on the classics tour. It started with a late breakfast, accompanied by a train ride to Pompei. On the train, we were witness to a variety of songs played on the accordion and saxophone. We then walked to the location of Pompei; and waited in the line for entry as most of us looked at the many deceased bodies that sat forebodingly in a nearby glass case. We were then joined by or guide, Giovanni, where we were then immersed into the culture of the rediscovered city of Pompeii. We saw several homes (both poor and wealthy), a variety of bath houses and toilets, and a continuous stream of well paved, uneven cobbled streets that snaked their way through the city. The boys even entered the lupicarian, a well preserved site for the world’s oldest profession. Our journey also encountered the amphitheatre, a place of ancient gladiatorial combat. Thus, it was fitting to stage a mock fight between two of the boys, the winner decided by who could knock off the other’s hat first. Afterwards, we observed a multitude of preserved and re-cast bodies, paninis by a shady spot near the stores and concluded our tour of Pompeii. Finally, we went to the villa of mysteries, where we were delighted by a nice drink - freshly squeezed orange juice, and observed the villa’s strange frescos. 

From the villa it was only a short walk back to the station, and a half hour ride back to Sorrento. The boys were amused, yet to a large degree exasperated, when for the fifth time that day Despacito was played yet again by a busking musician; seemingly Italy’s favourite song. Back at Sorrento the group quickly made use of the pool, a welcome escape from the heat. The boys relaxed and swam in the warm waters for a while, however being a group of 30 we were not always loved for this by the other hotel goers. Afterwards, we walked to a nearby restaurant, then onwards to Sorrento’s centre. Here we were given time to walk the narrow, beautiful streets, experience the town’s unique community feel, and buy gelato or numerous other options and gifts. With all this done, our fourth day was finished, one of our most interesting and exciting yet. 

G Richardson and D Rubin