To begin today, we started with a scenic bus trip of the Amalfi Coast, where we drove on a narrow road at the edge of a very tall cliff leading into the Mediterranean. This trip included several stunning scenes of foggy mountains, as well as a miniature replica of one of Positano. After a three hour bus ride, we stopped in Amalfi for two hours where we were given a tour of the Cloister of Paradise in the Cathedral, where we were told about the various architectural influences, including Arabic and Greek styles. We were also told about the trading history of the town, with connections throughout the Mediterranean. Following that, we were given the remaining hour and a half to go to the beach and get something to eat for lunch. After that, we travelled to the Paestum, where we looked at a Greek colony that had settled there. Amongst the ruins were the temple of Poseidon and that of Zeus/Hera. After that, we entered a nearby museum of art, where we looked at Greek and Italian artifacts such as vases and frescoes. Finally, we returned to the hotel, went to dinner, and then went out to the shops once again.

X Teo Soucy