Today was an early start as we were headed to Capri. We left from the hotel at about 7:30 and caught the early ferry across to the beautiful island. 

We quickly hopped on another boat and started our tour of the island. 


One of the highlights was the swim in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and jumping off the boat attempting to flip. This sorted the men from the boys, apparently, as the slipperiness of the boat made flipping off it into the water a very challenging feat. 


Next we returned to the island and took a break before catching a train some way up the mountain to get food. After a great lunch we started a long trek to Tiberius’s palace.

At the top, sweaty beyond belief, we were treated to great views and, more importantly, cool Roman history. 


This included some of the many ‘interesting’ actions of Tiberius such as his forcing of his enemies to jump to their deaths (perhaps at this spot) as well as his paranoia.

Our return to Sorrento was equally stunning as we skirted the Italian coastline.


Our day was concluded by two games of World Cup football as well as leisure time.

Finn Tentij