Today we ventured out to Herculaneum, with a stop at Oplontis and the Villa Poppaea on the way back. Herculaneum was amazing, an Ancient Roman town buried by more than ten meters of mud and rock, preserved so incredibly well that even some of the wooden doors were still intact. Our guide, Giovanni, showed us many Ancient buildings like the College of the Augustales, some shops and many homes.


Although having only about a third of the population of Pompeii, Herculaneum is just as, if not more impressive. Being a vacation spot for wealthy Romans, Herculaneum was filled with all the greatest parts of a Roman town: multi-storey houses, baths, shining marble streets, beautiful mosaics and a working sewerage system (the last of which Pompeii lacked). The great preservation and quieter surroundings really allowed us to immerse ourselves in this fascinating town lying in Vesuvius' shadow.


After a short train ride filled with buskers we got off at the Villa Poppaea in Oplontis. We were able to see many frescoes and mosaics illustrating scenes of grandeur to show off the wealth of the owner. The inhabitants of this Villa were really what made it interesting, it is believed to have been owned by the Emperor Nero and used by his second wife Poppaea Sabina while she was out of Rome. At the Villa's  swimming pool, Mr. Chambers took the opportunity to tell us of the Emperor Nero's evil deeds which included an attempted assassination on his own mother. One that she escaped by using swimming abilities that could have been cultivated in the very swimming pool that we were standing by.


With that finishing the day, we all went back to the hotel to watch some quality football.

A McEvoy