Today, Sunday the 8th of July we set out to explore Mt Vesuvius, Naples and hopped on our way, leaving the peninsula and moving to the island of Sicily. Mt Vesuvius was a breathtaking experience, overlooking the places we had spent the last few days exploring like Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sorento. Fortunately the Volcano didn’t erupt while we were there, but I think all the boys enjoyed it thoroughly.



After around a 45 minute bus drive we arrived in the city of Naples to explore the National Archaeological Museum, before here we had stopped in at La tana dell’ Arte, where, I had a tasty Bolognese and others had Pizza. After the delicious meal we walked up the street to the National Archaeological Museum and spent around two and a half hours wandering around. There were many great statues, mosaics and paintings. Highlights include: Alexander the Great - Mosaic, The Secret Room, The Farnese Atlas, Statue of Augustus etc. Coincidentally, there were Star Wars statues lying around the Museum which was definitely a surprise to see. 



Tired, sweaty and filled with large amounts of culture, we drove to the docks and departed the Italian peninsula in a beautiful, large cruise-like-ship with a nice dinner to settle us to sleep.


R Schlapoff