It was a late start today for the tour group after an intense previous day. The group set off at 9am and headed towards the Valle di Tempeli in Agrigento where they embarked on a two hour guided tour of the site.

The site contained three amazing examples of Greek temples; the temple of Juno, the temple of Concordia and the ruins of the  temple of Zeus. The ruins of the temple of Zeus were the biggest artefacts we have seen so far. If it had been standing it would be one of the biggest temples in Europe. It was definitely one of the most amazing structures we have seen on the trip. Alice our guide provided us with valuable information that allowed us to contextualise the structures and artefacts we were seeing. It was a truly enjoyable experience.

After a quick stop for food and drinks, we were once again on the road headed for the Villa Romana del Casale. We were left to our own accord and guided ourselves through the magnificent complex. The villa contained brilliant mosaics that lined the walls and floors of each room, depicting all types of Roman/Greek mythology and the lifestyle of the Romans. These were the best mosaics we had seen so far and will be something I remember for a long time.

Today we extended our knowledge of Greek temples and the context in which the Roman, Carthaginian and Greek occupation occurred. It massively increased our knowledge and understanding and was one of my favourite days so far.

D Bordina