On Wednesday 11th of July we checked out of our hotel in Catania. We travelled by coach to the Siracusa archaeological sight for a 2 hour guided tour of the site. We saw many sarcophagus tombs and buildings that were excavated and renewed for tourist and historical attention. After the two hour guided tour, we re-joined our coach and made way to Taormina.

The journey took 1 hour and 30 minutes. We met up with our previous guide for a visit to the Greek theatre. Greek theatres are usually built and carved out in a monolithical state on the valley of a mountain, while Roman theatres were built anywhere. Theatres are also semi circle designs, while amphitheatres are circular, sort of like the colosseum. The theatre has been renewed for Opera singing and other plays.

We then went to the cathedral, which had amazing artwork and a history of Norman, Byzantine and other cultures within. We then visited the Palazzo Corvaia, Picolo Test to and Odeon where he had lunch.

After this, we went to look at the old Baroque buildings in Catania before having dinner, which consisted of Horse meat and cake as one of our students had their birthday today. We then transferred to our hotel which is near the Catanian airport where we watched the rest of the football match of Croatia vs England, had a shower and freshened up for the flight to Athens early tomorrow. The night ended with Croatia beating England 2-1, which makes them applicable for the Final match against France.

A Fuller