Apologies for recent lack of photos. Hotel internet is a problem. Will upload soon.

Today was our last day in Sicily but more importantly, it was our last day in Italy. Our plane departed Catania international airport at 10am on a flight to Athens, Greece. The plane was small and rigid which gave many boys a fright during take off and landing.

Once we landed in Athens we waited for our bags and headed straight to our coach that is going to accomodate us during our time in Greece. The only site that we visited to today was the Poseidon temple that was situated on a cliff side an hour outside of Athens in Cape Sounion.

The temple was used as a sort of scare tactic as boats arrived at the Greek coastline. Before it was weathered down and destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC, it was brightly coloured and was used to portray the power and wealth of Athens.

One of the highlights of our visit to the temple of Poseidon was that it boasted a glorious view of the Aegean Sea, surrounding islands and the Greek coastline.

The temple is often visited by tourists for its beautiful sunrise and sunsets rather than the temple itself which is disappointing.

After this visit, we traveled back to Athens and reached our hotel which we will be staying in for the next two nights, called Golden City.

A Kekic