A Day of Steps

Today was the first time that we had breakfast at the Hotel Apollon, for the first time since Sorrento the pastries were light and soft. After we packed our water and got on the bus, a quick 5 minutes bus ride and we had arrived at Epidavros. 

The site of Epidavros has two main structures, one is a museum showing some of the block work of old temples and shrines and the Theatre of Epidavros. We met up with our guide and continued onto the site.

First we ventured through the small yet interesting museum. The first room covered with stone blocks with written thanks by the people who were cured by the “Doctors”, priests at Epidavros. Epidavros was one of the biggest and most well known “Hospital”, Temple of Askelpios, of the whole Mediterranean. At these temples it wouldn’t just be the temple but would have lots of other buildings around like sleeping quarters for the patents and baths. It was almost like a spa weekend resort.

Also in the second room there was one thing I found quite interesting, it was the great examples Ionic and Corinthian pillars. These would be holding up decorations of lions and most interesting beagle-like dogs and boar.

Next on the itinerary was the Theatre of Epidavros. Some of the things that I remember vividly about the theatre was the fact that the seats had places to put your foot; I still don’t think that this makes up for the fact that after 10 minutes bottom starts going numb. There were 6 full staircases going from the base to the top of the theatre. We were given 15 minutes to walk around, which everyone including Mr Mountain and Mr Chambers interpreted as sit in the shade till the 15 minutes are up. I was determined to actually work off the ice creams and soft drinks that I’ve had on this holiday, plus I was curious, to count the difference between  the amount of steps that remain on each staircase. So, apart from the slight mocking jeers, it was just counting the steps and my thoughts, the results were 102, 101, 115, 121, 115 and 113 steps. 

After the others finally got up we got on the bus on the way to Palamidi it was uneventful except for my sudden realisation that Egypt had Sultans, meaning my really weak link of my presentation was sudden almost not there. So when we arrived at this half-completed fortress by the Venetian empire, we immediately noticed the slits in the wall which looked suspiciously like it was for long bows but Finn Tentij gave a convincing argument for them to be early versions of guns and muskets. We could see places to put canons but that still didn’t conclude anything and as we didn’t have any dates we had to go looking for any signs; in the end we just agreed it was probably a very early musket weapon. In the way down as I counted the steps before I was tasked with counting the stairs on the way down, this was a hard task to get right as even with all my concentration I couldn’t get it right as I counted 753 steps, Wikipedia says that it is around 850 depends on where you start counting. So that was a disappointment, almost as disappointing as the food we got for lunch. When we were let out of the restaurant most went and got ice cream, I wanted to test the packaged Nutella croissants by ‘7 day’, it was surprisingly pleasant.

When we got back almost everyone jumped in the pool and stayed there for most of the afternoon. Then at dinner I finally beat my record of olives eaten in one sitting which I set as 104. I regretted it quite quickly but it was fun, that is what counts.

That is where this story ends at least.

-Karl Kovarik