In our second attempt at presenting and choosing a game, my group and I decided to do skittles. This game was an old European game similar to bowling and lawn balls. Instead of the normal ten-pin bowling, it has nine pins shaped in a diamond.

The game dates back to 3,300 BC but was also commonly played during 17th century Spain. This was the peak of the Spanish empire and was near the end of the what was called the: "Golden Age." Their army was unparalleled and was almost unstoppable. Despite this, the army drained their wealth due to its size and Spain entered a financial crisis. The Spanish crown then declared bankruptcy on 4 separate occasions in late 1500's. This could also be attributed to weak kings being put in power. The decline of the Spanish empire was most obvious during Phillip the 3rd's reign. Only just a year after he took the throne a bubonic plague swept through Spain killing 10% of its population.

Our group thought we did adequately on the presentation but we thought we could have been a small bit more prepared and learnt extra information to add to the slides when talking. On the game day, we started to set up outside but we realised the wind would be a serious problem. Luckily the old gym was which gave us plenty of room to set up and continue with the game. The game was run well and a clear winner came out on top. Overall we were happy with our work and think we improved a lot since the first round.