Initial Thoughts On This Semester’s Project – Siege Engines

Moving onto semester two there is a lot to anticipate. I am extremely excited about what is to come.

First we have to develop our design and do some research on our particular siege engine. Alex Watson and I chose to do a Trebuchet. From our research we have gathered some prime ratios for the power of our medieval machine and also the difference between the counterweight and the projectile. A challenging aspect is actual transferring this data into real life measurements and that is something that we will continue to work on in the upcoming weeks.

Another initial thought is about the group effort/teamwork involved in completing this siege weapon to a good standard. As there are only two of us we will have to work quite hard. There may be an issue in this stressed environment however knowing who my partner is I feel that I will be fine when completing this course.

I feel like now, at the start, it will be quite challenging with all the calculations however in the end I believe that all this will be rewarding and worth it. 

Can't wait to see how this semester turns out!