For this new topic I have great expectations. I'm back with my long-term group project partner Mack (banging out assignments since RMC Year 7). We have decided on what weapon we're using around 7 times but I think we've landed on a trebuchet. There's been a bit of inertia but I think we're gaining momentum. The portfolio has been brought, it used to be for my science booklets but now it's for hands on history. The positive and negatives are pretty much complete. Me and Mack hope we'll have the "best" (deadliest) siege weapon.

Building this siege weapon well is especially important considering the upcoming AAGPS civil war. 

I beleive getting our weapon sponsored by the Newinton Chess-boxing program could be an interesting option. 

My primary concern for this project is that mack fell has one hand. Whilst some may consider this a problem or hinderence, inhibiiting his ability to build, I think watching Mack struggle to hammer nails with one hand would be quite humerous. Regardless of all this, I am confident and excited to be working on a project with Mack again. Last semester in Hands on History was a success for us and we're ready to tackle this new challenge.