Alex Palmer and I cretaed a prototype of a Trebuchet. We are quite proud of what we have made. However, we recognise that there are negative aspects of this prototype and we seek to rectify them, so we can make our trebuchet even better in real size. There were 3 main aspects of our trebuchet that we are going to change. 

1. Base is going to be more level and is going to sit lower so there is more room for the swing arm

2. The frame of our trebuchet needs to be altered so that we can fit in new parts which will make our counterweight sit evenly.

3. At the moment our prototype currently does not have a release mechanism. However, we will be adding this to our large scale design to make sure our trebuchet fires at longer distances.

Although there are several negative aspects of our trebuchet, there are several parts of it that we are quite proud of. Such as, the swing arm. Our swing arm has a nice fluid motion that results in an even swing which is able to project our projectile forward. Our base (although it has some flaws) is a strong base for our trebuchet and holds everything in place quite well.

All in all, I would consider our prototype a success as our trebuchet functions to an extent and we now know how to make it function better in the future.