Lewis and I worked hard on our prototype though despite this there were some problems we encountered.

1. When twisting the rope we found it was hard to create tension in the drawstring which ended up limiting its power by quite a bit. This later become prevalent when we fired the ballista and the drawstring was obviously loose.

2. It was extremely hard to drill the screw into the dowel. It started to crack instantly so we had to take a different approach. We then tried to use the rivet gun which ended in a more successful outcome with minimal cracking.

3. The dowel was too fragile for the amount of tension we wanted. As we twisted the rope on the top the dowel was beginning to crack which further limited the tension we were able to create.

Though aside from these problems the ballista did have some strengths like its integrity and accuracy. The frame was very sturdy and held together well when firing. The bolt also flew exactly where the ballista was aiming. Lewis and I are proud of what we created and the prototype went a lot better than we expected.