At the start of semester 2, my group (consisting of Lukas and myself) have started to construct a siege weapon of our choice. That was only the prototype and now we are building the big weapon. I am hoping for this project to be a really good experience that will both increase my knowledge of some of the siege weapons used in the middle ages, but also increase my skills in the technology workshop. I think that this will be really interesting to see how these weapons worked and build them for ourselves. I think my group will work really well together because we have been friends for a long time and get along really well. I think we are both pretty smart and we can overcome a challenge if it presents itself. Some problems we could run into could be getting the right ratios for the short arm to the long arm, as this plays a huge role in how far the projectile will be launched. I think it will also be hard to get the release mechanism and sling right so it can release the ball at the optimal angle.