In Hands on History this year I have mainly paid attention in class because I am really interested in medieval siege weapons and how they influenced the weapons we have now in todays society. This is the main thing that tunes me in throughout our lessons. It is the fact that there was a whole other world before ours and that it was run completely differently and run by completely different people than we have now. Every single person that was alive back then is now dead and there is a whole brand new function to how the world runs. This is the main thing that keeps me engaged in class and the thing that makes me want to keep learning how to create and how things were created over the years way before our time. The siege engines used and that are described in our hands on history classes is what I am mainly focused on learning about and recreating. Although, this next few months in HOH I am expecting that my groups siege weapon will make people wonder how we created the weapon and will drop their jaws in awe. These are my main expectations these next few terms in hands on history and I expect there will be a lot more to come.