One of the main reasons why our group decided to choose this game was because we thought it looked fun and interesting. When we started researching the game, we found it originated from the 1700s in Britain, especially for sailors and boatsmen. We thought this would be an exciting topic as it was quite a unique topic as instead of just society as a whole, it was a specific time and place in which the game was played. 


Crown & Anchor is a chance game that originated in Britain. The game is played with a board with the 6 symbols of the game (club, diamond, spade, heart, crown and anchor) on it. Then there are players, in our game we had two or three and a banker. The players had 3 chips in which they placed all of them on certain symbols in which they think they would role on. Each player was playing individually against the banker and depending on what symbols the dice landed on the more or less money they would win back from the banker.


At first, the game started off poorly as we took a while to set the game up and the players were getting frustrated and board, however, once the game did start it started to flow nicely and most people seemed to be enjoying the game and were doing well. We did have to enforce the rules a bit to some people but after that, the game got better and went into a better rhythm.


What we found that Crown & Anchor was a game that was played by mostly sailors and that it was a game that anyone could play as it required no skill just luck. And on a boat with lots of people and nothing to do, this game brought a sense of excitement as anyone could play and it was exciting to see who would win the jackpot.