1.   Reasons as to why your group chose the game and society you selected. 
Our group chose the Royal Game of Ur because it is one of the oldest board games in the world. Overall, we were happy with how it turned out. We all thought it was an enjoyable game. It was strange to play in class because some of the games could last quite a long time depending on how quickly you took your turn. The society were the game was played was Mesopotamia.  
2.   A comprehensive overview of the game including historical context and instructions.
The game we chose seemed to be a pretty easy game to play but apparently not. The Royal Game of Ur originated in Mesopotamia. The game starts with one player going firs and rolling the dice and then moving one of their pieces onto the board. The aim of the game is to get all of your six pieces around the board quickest. This game involves many skills such as tactics and concentration and just a bit of luck not to roll a blank.
3.   A reflection on your game i.e. how successfully did your group facilitate the activity.
Our game went well it took a bit of time for people to learn how to play but after a while people started figuring out cheeky strategies. I thought it was a very competitive game towards the end of class because everyone was trying to win. The game looked pretty easy, but some people didn’t really understand the rules which meant we had to explain the rules to them and after a while everyone understood how to play, and they started to get really competitive.  
4.   An analysis of what your game can reveal about the society from which it originated
In the society of the Royal Game of Ur this game was generally owned by the rich. The rich if they were privileged enough they were buried with the game. This shows that it was normally the rich that played this game.