Q1/ Our group was originally going to choose Swordplay for our first game but we decided to do it for our second to allow more preparation time. We thought it would be an entertaining and engaging game and certain members of the group already had an interest in the subject matter.

Q2/ Swordplay can be used in a few different contexts, including combat, training and for entertainment. It's rules vary depending on the context, but we decided to go for a set of rules closer to that of an entertainment-based duel, where players earn points by striking the opposition in the torso or legs with a non-lethal sword. The points earned change depending on if the other person struck the opponent at a similar or the same ime.

Q3/ I think the game went pretty well overall. We had to modify the rules slightly as we went on to prevent injury and one of the swords broke but I think everybody had a good time and it was an engaging game to watch.

Q4/ The game reveals that many citizens of Medieval Europe spent a lot of their time preparing for warfare and those who didn't still modelled their games around it, revealing how many people looked up to knights and wanted to be as proficient at fighting as they were.