The game we played this week was Nine Men's Morris. Nine Men's Morris involves 9 distinguishable pieces (we used coloured dots on small paper pieces) for each player to use that have to be strategically placed on the board to create a "mill" (row of three). Once a mill is created, the player that has created said mill can select a piece from the other team to remove permanently from the board. The player who cannot create a mill with the number of pieces they have on the board loses. Even though there is more than one version of the game, the game could have been played many times over without becoming too boring due to the strategy involved, so we played the original version for around 35 - 40 minutes, collecting the number of wins from each individual player to eventually come up with 2 finalists who would play for the remainder of the lesson.

Nine Men's Morris is a very old game as was very popular all over the world, mainly in Rome, medieval England and Egypt. The game seems to represent war and how strategy needs to be used to outnumber the opponent and eventually win. We got fairly lucky with Nine Men's Morris as the game was very simple and easy to learn, which led to some very interesting tactics being used by different people.

I think that our group did alright with our presentation of the numerous societies that played Nine Men's Morris but fairly well with governing the game when the time came to play it. I feel as if out presentation of the societies was quite brief and that we could have done with more information to better explain each society. The game itself as mentioned earlier went by smoothly, but it was a little challenging when trying to organise boards and pieces as well as scoring, but one that was up and running everything went be without a problem.

Andre, Jake, Will 

Written by Dhruv