The game we played this week was the modern Pentathlon. This involved five events, fencing, 200m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a combined event, pistol shooting with a 3200m cross-country run. We played a modernised version by doing a 3-min swim to see how many laps a competitor could achieve, 3-min run to see how many cones you could run past, poking a sword or stick at a board to test your accuracy, nerf shooting at a target board to test accuracy, finally, piggyback riding across a soccer pitch to test strength and teamwork. At the end the team with the most points would be victorious.

The modern Pentathlon was invented in 1912 by Pierre de Coubertin who was born in France, he decided to create a military version of the Pentathlon using skills needed for a modern-day soldier. This game is a way for countries to fight each other without losing numbers and money for war purposes. All countries send their best all-round athletes to this event to test their skills against other competitors.

Our group worked really well to make this event possible in one period. A lot of time and effort was put into the equipment and time allocations for each individual event. We all gave our parts into this project and achieved a common goal, which was to make the game possible plus, make a clear and thought-out presentation.

Group members: Jake Williams, Alec Willington, Oliver Gill and James Pickering.

Written by Jake Williams