Group 3: Ethan Dinopoulos, Martin Mai, Thanh Pham and Barnaby Haslem

This week we played Kendo and talked about feudal Japan. This involved 3 activities, the first one was hitting 5 cans of the wall one by one, the second one was hitting people taped onto a pole, the third involved trying to hit tennis balls out of the air. We then recorded the scores of each person for each activity and used that information to determine the best player. 

Kendo is a Japanese martial art that envolved from Kenjutsu. After WW2, Kendo was banned for its militarism and nationlism by the Americans. Kendo is a good representation of sumurai combat and the sumurai way of life (Bushido). The Katana sword was curved because samurai didn't want to seem weak by stabing at the oponent, it was also curved because they were taught to use the sharpest slice in a sword.

My group felt that we should of been more organized and that we should have left more time to setup the game. This caused us to rush the game on the day making it harder for everyone to enjoy.

By Ethan and Thanh