Group 4: William S, Jake G, Andre F and Dhruv K.

We did marn grook and boogalah which both focus on the aborigonal history and we did 2 activities which were marn grook where you would kick a ball up in the air and try catch the ball with which we used a soccer ball, the second game was boogalah with which you would throw a ball in the air and catch it. Jake took scores for the game Marn Grook and we figured out who got the most points for he best player then we watched people play and we watched everyone play the game to figur out the best bloke which would be determined via whoever would be putting in the most effort. 

The reason why the Aboriginals would play these games would be to improve there strengths like eye to hand or eye to foot coordination with which they would use these abilities in hunting. 

My group felt that we did alright but we could have done better on the organisational part by having the scoring sheet ready for us to take down the scores and maybe have spent a little recess time to get everything ready.