I think this semester will be a very fun and interesting one with us building our own siege weapons. I think that at first, it'll be hard to understand how exactly to begin building our chosen siege weapon as we all have big expectations but not too much knowledge. We may have to research our weapon a lot more before beginning the building process. I think that it'll be interesting to see how different people create variants of a weapon in an attempt to make theirs work the best. At first, I was excited to see what weapons people would choose, however now since almost everyone is building a ballista, the whole process seems to be becoming a lot less interesting, however seeing the different variants of the weapons will still be fun to look at. In fact, I think it'd be more fun if we were told which weapon to make instead of everyone making the same weapon. I think the biggest issue our group will face is the building stage. I feel like it'll be hard to find the best way to build the weapon and the best way to fire it, since building a large and fairly complex weapon without much help will be quite a difficult thing to do. Overall, I'm looking forward to designing, building and firing our siege weapon this semester.