I believe that during our new project/ assignment Siege weapon building, there will be problems such as not completeing certain parts of the weapon, team members failing to complete thier work and running out of time. But this projecgt seems to be quite interesting and fun because we're the ones who get to design and build our own siege weapon, another reason is that it would be interesting to find out how they  made these seige weapons without electric tools and elastics and cords. at first I belive that our group will struggle to find a suitiable design which covers all the required aspects i.e using a cricket ball instead of a bolt. but when we get to the building stage I believe that my group will be able to complete this project with only a few setbacks, and the hardest part I believe wil be to create enough power in the siege weapon that it will be able to hit the target quickly and accuratly, and when we get to test our siege weapon I am sure my group will do quite well.