I think that this term will definitely be one of the most interesting as we will be choosing our own Siege Engine. What i am expecting is to see a weapon that works but is probably not going to be as effective as the equipment used in Medieval times. Although i feel like my team will be able to reach all of the goals that we have been set. I think that the weapon that we are going to be building will be hard to make but i do feel like it is not unrealistic and i can see that we will be able to achieve the build. There will be some setbacks throwout the project but we can always start again and each time make it better and better. My group is the perfect group for this project as we have two boys that are very good at technology and the other two are good at research. This project will be hard for us because we have to use tools that people in the medieval times had. We think that it will be very hard to get enough force out of the rope that we are supplied with because we are not allowed to use flexible rope. Overall i feel like this will really test our tech skills and it will help us learn a lot about how Medieval people crafted there larger weapons.