I feel this upcoming semester will be very engaging and fun as we are able to create something that hasn't been done before in our school. However, this means that we will face some challenges and have to make something without being able to see a finished prototype as no one else has done this before. I feel that this might cause some challenges when building a working siege engine. However, I feel that my group will be able to create a successful siege weapon that will be able to overcome the targets for the final testing of the weapon.

An issue that I believe might arise is how we are successfully and effectively creating the siege weapon. I think this is an issue as I have never done a group project for technology and I don't think anyone else in my group has either. being in a group should mean we will be able to create the siege weapon faster than doing it individually, however, I think that it might be a bit crowded and confusing as different people in my group will have different ideas and concepts as we are building the weapon. I believe that working together effectively is the key to building our successful siege weapon.