For the second semester our main goal is to create a functional catapult. We will have multiple mini assignments and assessments along the way which will all add up for a total mark. This is a group project meaning there will be disputes and different perspectives on what and how to create our catapult.

I expect this project will have ups and downs throughout the semester. I believe our initial design and sketch-up will fail and we’ll need to design multiple sketches until we get it right. We will need our teachers help and teachings along the way to ensure our finished product will work. We all know there will be failures, I believe if we follow a blueprint that is bound to work, we won’t fail when it’s close to showcasing time. At the end of the semester I expect our group to have constructed a finished and well-constructed product that functions the way it’s made to.

I expect that there will be numerous issues throughout the journey. We are already having disputes on what type of catapult to construct which clearly states we will have future arguments. I know my group has diverse perspectives on how to construct our catapult. This foreshadows arguments and choosing sides within the group on how to build our product. I believe we will have problems with technology because of how complex and difficult it is to construct a catapult. Another issue I’m expecting is that one of our members won’t uphold their part of the assignment making other members do their work which puts pressure on other members on not just doing their work but other people’s work.