I am looking forward to this project. I believe that this project will take a lot of time and many attempts but it will be worth it. After researching how siege weapons were created in medieval times, I know that there will be problems constructing these weapons since instruments and other pieces which we have now were not available at that time. In addition, I'm happy with my group since I know that there won't be issues between the people in my group and that everyone will complete the task they will be set with. To complete the requirements set by our teachers, such as power, accuracy and range, our group decided to construct a variation of a Ballista, specifically with a barrel and a top loading bolt since it was the most accurate and powerful weapon we could choose from the medieval time. In my group, we have two students which are involved with D&T and have past experience with constructing mechanics. This is an advantage as we might not have as many issues as other groups may have. We are still thinking as to what weapon we should construct but we have our eyes set on constructing a variant of the ballista.