expectations: my guess for this project is that we will be able to create a reasonable working siege engine, i believe that it will have at least average power and range, when it comes to accuracy and fire rate im guessing that their scores wont be as high as we are going for a mangonel which takes a long time to fire and like pretty much all catapults is pretty hard to aim presicely (not counting ballistas as they arent lobbing weapons), during the battle royale im not completley sure what will happen but im guessing that moving and aiming the mangonel will probably be the most challenging part of it. altogether i believe our group to go ok

challenges: i believe the biggest challenge in the building part to be trying to create the torsion device that comes with mangonel as no one in the group has a good idea on how to build so we will have to research it more. the second biggest challenge i percieve to be in the building process comes with the making of the wind up, although one of my group members says he has a good idea on the making of that but im still not completely taken in. i think the 2nd most challenging part of the project to be creating the design and figuring out how to put it into action as we will have to take what the engineers of the medieval ages did and recreate it with out being able to access to some materials and teachings, although even so i think we should be able to come up with a pretty nifty design that looks reasonably cool and works reasonably well.