I believe that this assignment/project has the potential to be an extreamly interactive and entertaining project. For starters, the group work is very different to what we have seen. Instead of making a powerpoint (with way to many words on it) that we read off about sieges or ancient games, we are now working together to design and build a working catapult. This is a very drastic change, and it will require a lot of effort to pull it off to the best of our abilities. This is the very first time in Newington history that something like this has ever been done. Nobody before has been give the assignment to study and build medieval siege weapons. And i believe that this is a great way to make us all try our best and to pull together is create the best siege weapon. But because this hasn't been done before, there are no other examples to go off. Which i believe can be a good thing and a bad thing.

The only issues that i believe we would encounter are group problems, some un-seen fault in the course and the amount of effort that the groups put into their catapult. Some examples of a group problem could be a member isn't pulling his weight, someone is acting like they know everything but relly dont and tries to take control of the group or that everyone is doing their own things and have no comunication with the rest of the group, all leading to a very frustrating end result. Because this course has never been done before, their is most likely going to be a fault somewhere in the system due to Murphys Law. And that is to be expected. The thired and final issue that could arise is the amount of effort that a group puts into their work. Which kind of fits in with the first issue. A group that doesnt care aboput what they are doing would have a terrible time and their end result wouldn't be impressive at all. Compared to a group that really puts their heart and sole into what they are doing to help bring together a fantastic project. And have a lot of fun at the same time.