I'm looking forward to building and designing a siege weapon this semester. I think that the engineering and the building of the actual weapon will be the hardest part of this task. We will have to research thoroughly to ensure that our siege weapon can function properly while being safe. I expect that there will be many failures and in order for me and my group to be successful, we must adapt to the situation as it changes. The research should be the easiest part for us but we still are unsure of what siege weapon we will actually build. We are still deciding whether it will be the trebuchet, ballista, onager or mangonel. My group and i have limited experience in technology so building the weapon will be hard, but, i expect to learn many things about design, safety and construction during what looks to be a very fun experience. I think that my group and I will work together well and I feel like James will come out to be the one in control. Ethan will provide the folder and I think that my group will be able to stay organized. I think for this project to be successful, we must listen to the feedback from peers, Mr Fisher and Ruddock but most of all, we must adapt and change to what the D and T staff think is best, unlike the previous projects.