This semester I believe that my initial expectations are very different to what we will be actually doing and making later this term. Despite this I feel that this term will be a new and fun experience and a very big change to the last semester in Hands on History. Although I have come to the conclusion that my siege weapon ideas are far to intricate and vast to complete in this class, I still am very excited to see what me and my group can produce in this semester. I feel that my initial expectations have already changed vastly and I have set new sights on different ideas and possibilities since we were first introduced into the plan for this semester.

With this semester looking so complicated and new to everyone, I feel that we are going to run into many problems, chief amoung which is one which most of us are already encountering. That is bringing things down into reality. When we first talked about this new unit in Hands on History, I was thinking that we were going to make large siege weapons that could fire from one end of the school to the other. But I am slowly realising that this won't happen and the coming two terms are going to pan out into something very different from what I first expected.  Other problems I am certain we will encounter are technological, design and group issues that will hopefully not hinder us too much.