I initial thoughts on this project is that it's going to be very hard to accomplish, mainly due to measuring the wooden and string materials and our tech helper having enough time to help everyone. The small scale design should be relatively easy, as we just need to measure and cut the wooden pieces, assemble it with a hot glue gun, tie the string around it and make the ammunition (Which could just be toothpicks) But, the large scale design is going to be extremely hard, especially getting all the string and materials.

The thing I least anticipate is making the portfolio of our drawings and other materials, our group because I really hope people don't waste time on our slide and finally, (as stated above) the construction process of our siege weapons. 

The thing I most anticipate is the designs we should make for our siege weapon, as I found it extremely interesting searching up current designs, but also adding our own ways to the design. I also think making the slide should be very enjoyable, because we've had experience making the slides before the Siege assignment was available, and it's going to be fun researching different designs and possible materials we should use.