This assignment is very different to ones I have encountered before, as it will require me to put my knowledge into something practical. Simply designing a functional siege weapon will be very difficult, and constructing it will be even harder. Depending on what type of siege weapon we decide to construct, we may need to figure out things like how much torsion we need or the correct weight for a counterweight to launch a projectile. However, I am looking forward to the experience, as the hard work will hopefully pay off in the end. 

I anticipate our group may have some issues working together, as we occasionally find it difficult to agree with each other on certain topics, and that we will find communicating with each other difficult as well. However, I don't anticipate we will have any problems with eagerness to work, as we are all excited and looking forward to working on the siege weapon, with a good end result being enough to motivate us to work together. 

Overall this will be a difficult task, and working with my group will be hard, but my group and I are still eager to work on this and hope that we can create a working siege weapon by the end of this.