This assignment is a very different to ones I have done before, as for the first time we get to build a siege weapon and get to put all of my knowledge towards this project. Just designing a functional siege weapon will be difficult, and constructing the siege weapon will be extremely hard considering how much work we have to do. I am indeed looking forward to the experience because when you have a very good bunch of people working with you, you do feel like you are going to have a good time.

I feel that with a group consisting of Dhruv Koomer, Alec Wellington and Alex Radin would be a very good group to work with as I feel that we will all get along (with some minor issues from a certain person). Some of the materials we are going to use are wood, nails, and glue to build our makeshift ballista.  The century that the ballista was made and used in 400 BC, the main people to use a ballista were the Greeks as they were the ones to invent it. I look forward to the challenges that I and the group will face, so let's get building.