The Mangonel was used by many empires and races, such as the Romans (400BC), the French and the English (1216 onwards). The Romans created it for use as a light alternative to the ballista about 800 years before the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Mangonel sat in the dust for a long while, but it had a resurgence in Europe during the Middle Ages, and was used extensively by the French. It was first used by the English in 1216, during the Siege of Dover, a battle during the First Baron’s War (a civil war) between the French and the English.

The Middle Ages saw some major technological advances, which included the adoption of gunpowder, the invention of vertical windmills, clocks, and improved water mills, building techniques, and an overall improvement in agriculture. Now on to tools. Other notable inventions were chain mail, plate armour for both men and horses, as well as the longbow and flail were some of the advances during the Middle Ages. Some more weapons created included battering rams, daggers, knives, battle axes, and glaives (spears). The tools used included screwdrivers, albeit in a primitive design, wooden hammers, screws and nails (wooden and steel). Wood would be gathered by chopping down trees and metals such as iron would have been created in the furnace. 

I therefore conclude, that we have far better advantages like tools and processes and materials, and so we have a much easier job to do than the medieval people.

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