Empathy Task: Historical Construction Techniques

The Mangonel is believed to be an ancient war engine invented by the Romans in 400BC as a light alternative to a ballista which also had the addition of wheels. The Mangonel was also used by the French and the English. It was first used by the English in 1216 during one of the sieges against the French.

Back then, some of the tools which were available were only hammers and mallets. It was a tough job making the Mangonel because it wasn’t as easy as it would be to assemble it today. Today we have things like nails and electrical technology which enables us to cut/assemble things quicker. Back then, Romans assembled things with rope and this required a lot of men.

Medieval Europe was covered in dense forest, so wood was readily available. The lack of roads meant large catapults were impossible to transport. The commander would decide what type of catapult was required, while the engineers would be responsible for building it with the besieged inhabitants looking on. Collecting material was difficult as the men had to create tools which would be strong and sharp enough to cut through trees/wood. Rope also had to be handmade, the Romans didn’t have a range of rope, they only were able to make rope out of a few materials. The ropes were made of twisted strands of human hair or animal sinew.

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NOTE: I don't have any photos as this task was released when our prototype was complete.